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The Importance of Industrial Oil Chiller


With the rapid development of manufacturing industry, the machine tool industry is also growing. However, the ensuing problem is that due to the high load operation of the machine tool, the temperature of different liquid medium will also rise accordingly, such as hydraulic oil, thermal oil, transformer oil, lubricating oil...The continuity and stability of temperature are related to product quality and production efficiency. Precise temperature control can reduce energy consumption, improve product quality, enhance production efficiency, and improve the safety of the working environment. If effective temperature control measures are not taken, it will not only affect the normal operation of the machine tool, but also lead to serious consequences such as equipment damage. Therefore, as an important industrial refrigeration equipment, industrial oil chiller plays an irreplaceable role in modern industrial production.

What is the principle of intelligent industrial oil chiller? It uses the principle of air conditioning, the compressor consumes electric energy to change the state of refrigerant, so as to achieve the purpose of heat transfer and realize the precise control of the temperature of the liquid medium. The basic composition are compressor, evaporator, throttle valve and condenser.


What are the advantages of intelligent industrial oil chiller? Firstly, It can quickly and effectively cool the oil temperature to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. Secondly, by reducing the temperature, the damage caused by overheating can be reduced, thereby extending the service life of the equipment. In addition, precise temperature can improve production efficiency and reduce the failure rate. In general, machine tool oil chiller plays a vital role in the industrial production.For any company that needs to use a machine tool, it should consider buying a suitable chilling machine.

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