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Working principle and advantages of air oil cooler


Ⅰ.The working principle of the air cooler

An air cooled oil cooler is a device that uses wind power to dissipate heat. It uses the airflow generated by the fan to blow heat away from the source of heat dissipation, such as electronic components, thereby reducing its temperature. Its working principle can be divided into three steps:

1. air inflow: by setting the air intake, outside air goes into the radiator. The air inlet is usually located on the front or side of the air cooled unit to ensure sufficient air inflow.

2. heat transfer: after the air enters the air cooled exchangers through the intake, it will contact with the heat dissipation source (such as the heat sink). During this process, the air absorbs the heat released by the heat dissipation source, raising its temperature.

3. air discharge: after the heat is absorbed, the air will form thermal convection, and then the airflow generated by the fan is discharged from the air oil cooler. The exhaust air temperature is higher, and the temperature of the heat dissipation source is effectively reduced.

Ⅱ.The advantages of the air cooler

Compared with other heat dissipation methods, the air oil cooler has the following advantages:

1. simple and easy to use: the installation and use of the air fin cooler heat exchanger is very simple, just place it near the heat dissipation source and turn on the power supply. No cumbersome installation process, and suitable for all kinds of electronic equipment.

2. high efficiency: air cooled oil cooler uses wind for heat dissipation, which can quickly take away the heat and greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency. Especially in high load operation, the air cooler can quickly reduce the temperature of the equipment to ensure its stable operation.

3. small size: compared with other cooling equipment, the air cooler is smaller in size. This is especially important for devices with limited space.

4. low cost: compared with other chiller unit such as liquid coolers, the cost of air oil coolers is lower. Its manufacturing and maintenance costs are relatively low, which is suitable for large-scale applications.