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Oil chiller

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How does the oil chiller work?

How does the oil chiller work6st

TOBEL self-developed oil chiller utilizes forced air-conditioning cooling to control the oil temperature of mechanical equipment at constant temperature(such as hydraulic oil and lubricating oil).

Low temperature and low pressure liquid refrigerant exchanges heat with the oil in the evaporator, and evaporates into low temperature and low pressure gas. The temperature of refrigerant remains unchanged during the evaporation process.Then gas refrigerant is compressed by the compressor and compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas. When gas refrigerant enters the condenser, it exchanges heat with the indoor air. The refrigerant releases heat and comes into high temperature and high pressure liquid, and goes into the expansion valve.Throttling is a rapid cooling process, the refrigerant returns to low temperature and low pressure liquid. This cycle is continuous, so the oil can be continuously cooled.


  • Mechanical spindle and electric spindle of CNC machine tools
  • Hydraulic station and lubrication station, hydraulic presses and varies of hydraulic system
  • Processing fluid cooling
  • Lubrication and cooling system of reducer


    • Prevent the accuracy of the working machinery from being affected by the change of oil temperature.
    • Prevent the oil quality due to high temperature deterioration, keep the oil viscosity unchanged and working machinery work stably.
    • The user can set the oil temperature according to the room temperature, to prevent the mechanical structure from thermal deformation.
    • Simple to clean, easy to operate and maintain, easy to install, small footprint
    • Automatic fault alarm function can avoid damage to the parts of working machinery.