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Excellent seismic performance

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Environmental friendly

The air cooler is a kind of heat exchanger with air as cooling source, the heat is taken away by the air,we also called it oil cooler or air-cooled oil cooler. In general, the heat dissipation effect of the air cooler mainly depends on the heat exchange area and air volume of its component. At present, the air cooler used widely is made of aluminum alloy with good thermal conductivity, the fluid channel and the wind channel are advanced plate fin structure, the core is made of vacuum brazing, and the fluid channel is provided with internal fins. In a nutshell, when the heat transfer area is the same, the greater the air volume, the better the heat dissipation effect. When the air volume is the same, the larger the heat transfer area, the better the heat dissipation effect. The air cooler is commonly used as an auxiliary part of the hydraulic transmission system to cool the hydraulic oil, in order to obtain the normal working temperature and improve the stability of the hydraulic system and the service life of the parts.


The cooling unit is widely used in reducing fluid temperature for hydraulic system and lubrication system of equipment, not only hydraulic station, but also CNC machine tool, engineering machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery, plastic machinery, metallurgical machinery, shipbuilding industry and other fields. 


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    Easy installation and maintenance

    Compared with the water-cooled radiator, the air cooler is smaller in size and lighter in weight. And because of its simple structure, the maintenance operation is relatively simple, and can be carried out without affecting the work of other equipment.
    It can also avoid the oil~water mixing caused by the rupture of the copper pipe, causing serious damage to the system.

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    No need to worry about the source of water

    When the equipment needs to change the work place, there is no need to consider the problem of water source, and there is no disassembly and reconstruction of the water circulation system, which is an increasingly widely used environmentally friendly product.

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    Wide application

    Widely used in machinery, hydraulic system oil cooling, engineering truck hydraulic system cooling, lubricating oil cooling, transformer oil cooling, water glycol cooling, air cooling, natural gas cooling, gear tank cooling and so on.

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    Stable performance

    The air cooler uses air as cooling medium, there is no need to worry about reduced cooling effect due to water pollution. And because the air cooler is forced cooling by using mechanical fan, the heat dissipation performance is stable and will not be affected by ambient temperature.

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    Compared with water-cooled coolers, the cost of the air~cooled cooler is lower, not only because of manufacturing costs, but also the transportation cost and maintenance are lower than the water-cooled coolers.