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Water chiller

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Industrial water chillers are divided into two types: air-cooled and water-cooled, mainly referring to the different condensers. Technically, water cooling is 300 to 500 kcal/h higher than air cooling; In terms of price, water cooling is much lower than air cooling; In the installation, water cooling needs to be incorporated into the cooling tower before use, and air cooling is mobile without other assistance. However, air cooled water chiller relies on the fan to dissipate heat, which has requirements for the ambient environment: such as ventilation, humidity, air PH value and etc...


  • Plastic industry: the mold needs to be cooled during plastic machinery, which can greatly improves the surface of plastic products, reduces the surface marks and internal stress. The product will not shrink and deformation, accelerate product styling, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the plastic molding machine.
  • Wire rod and pumping tablets industry
  • Boring machines, grinding machines, machining centers, combined machine tools and all kinds of precision machine tools
  • Electronic industry, ultrasonic cleaning industry: through cooling,the molecular structure of electronic components can be stabilized, the pass rate can be improved.
  • Vacuum ion coating industry: the ionizing source needs to be heated to start and cooled during operation
  • Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry
  • Grinding machine industry: during the grinding process, the temperature is generated, and the high temperature affects the quality of raw materials. The use of water chiller greatly increase production efficiency and reduce damage to the equipment by controlling the temperature.


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    Stable performance

    Multiple compressors are used in parallel, each compressor has an independent refrigeration circuit.
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    Energy saving

    The use of a number of small and medium-sized power compressors in parallel, with the load changes, the unit will automatically ensure that the compressor is in the best working condition, so as to effectively save energy.

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    Long service life

    Reasonable design, in the whole operation process, most of the lubricating oil always stays in the compressor to ensure good lubrication.